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Thank you for coming to our 12 Step Lifestyle website!


We are recovering addicts and the creators and designers behind this work. We created this work to create unity within our recovery community.  All of our work is centered around recovery, so you'll find that the work includes recovery symbols, slogans, and the Serenity Prayer.

As members in recovery, We are continually inspired by the ability of individuals to recover from the disease of addiction. Our work began with our love of the 12 steps and the recovery community. We feel the recovery symbols and our slogans represents the unity of our recovery community.


When we first entered recovery, we were broken and lost. As time passed and we built a support group and started to discover ourselves, we realized that our recovery is our priority.  To help remind ourselves of this priority of staying clean no matter what, we started to design recovery jewelry.  This journey of designing jewelry has been amazing and spiritually fulfilling. We have now expanded to recovery gifts and apparel. To us this is now a 12 step lifestyle.


  We put a lot of ourselves   in each design knowing that it will belong to someone who is either struggling in recovery or celebrating another day of being clean. Please have a look at some of our work and know that each design has love poured into it. 

Sonya and Bryan T.

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We have a 30day return policy on all manufacture defects of our products. You will receive your refund within 1-2 days of the return of the merchandise that has defects. 

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